Welcome to RBot!

Update stream

New system, updated!

We update our website and our system of bots!

New Commands!

New commands : !latest = lastpower | !ru = like radio | !smileytest ex: !smileytest gold#angel#r

New website design

RBot is a new design and new options !

Added free time for official chats

All of the 'official' or 'tribute' chats that are listed on the xat wiki page (HERE) are privileged to use RBot without a paid subscription.

Commands page

The commands page has been updated to include extra information on each command, and a dynamic search system has also been implemented.


!pool command has been added, for a list of pool numbers check out the commands page.


Snitch is a command that when activated notifies users on the snitch list when a user pm's or pc's the bot


A command which as been in mind for a while now has finally been added, you can have as many aliases for any number of commands as you wish.


We have added a start command that can be executed from our official chatbox, if you are either the creator of the bot or a bot owner it will start your bot, if you own numerous bots you will need to enter the id of the bot.

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